As a doctor, I am often asked questions related to health issues by patients. friends and relatives. Over time, I have come to realize that many of these are often repeated questions about various aspects of medicine. Often there are many common misconceptions and myths that are prevalent and passed around amongst friends.

The growing need to provide answers in layman's language to address the uncertainties regarding these common questions has inspired me to pen these as a series of articles in The Business Times. In doing so, I have weaved into these articles the dual elements of relevance, by illustrating the articles with real life situations and reliability, by using the latest research data and medical practice guidelines.

Having had the privilege to serve in many international cardiology organizations, participate as faculty member in major cardiology meetings and being involved in editorial work in international cardiology journals, it is my desire to use these experiences to help the layperson navigate through the mountain of research data and understand health facts in plain simple language.

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